De bron waar je altijd op kunt vertrouwen

Wat is Space Clearing?

Compassion also means to behold without judgment.
Often we quickly have a judgment, we live with a certain pattern and by this judgment or pattern we automatically express certain feelings and / or stress. Some of those feelings or charges are burdensome for us and

can get in the way throughout the day. The daily activities are then hindered in such a way that you need more and more time to recover from your work or the outing with friends, for example. An Energy Clearing session can support you in letting go of these emotions.

Not always an interpretation is needed, and we do not always have to give words about it

what is held energetically in our body. Since we are already whole and complete in the base, it also means us body releases these emotions as soon as a conductor is involved.

This conductor can be you or I can be for you.


Try the first 15 minutes for free and get a 20% discount at the next appointment.


Who am I?

I am an experienced man who has felt, sees and experiences a lot since birth. Almost no one understood me and it was therefore difficult to express. Not knowing what I saw and not knowing what I felt gave him a lot of anxiety. This unrest has been the motivation for me to experience peace. After almost 8 years of self-reflection, self-development, tasting and experiencing, I see the overall picture. While I am still developing myself, I can be an inspiration and channel for you. Not only by being an example but also by my wisdom that I love to share with you. The peace, security and understanding I radiate creates a magical space for you to be your full Self including your magic. Let go of what's no longer yours, it's worth it!

Feel free to contact me to see where I can support you.

P.S.I love having a chat!

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